Chelsea Shanks President
Wisconsin Counties Association

Sherri Voigt Treasurer
Wisconsin Department of Administration

Richelle Andrae
Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association
Dane County Board of Supervisors

Vaishnavi Mannar
Wisconsin Department of Administration

Emily Petersen
Milwaukee Co. Dept. of Health and Human Services

Allison Cramer, Vice-President
Alzheimer’s Association, Wisconsin Chapter

Karley Downing, Secretary
Wisconsin Court System

Senator Melissa Agard 
Wisconsin State Legislature

Kate Easton
Wisconsin Historical Society

Eileen Pierce
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Carla Wolff
Wisconsin State Senate

Audra Cohen-Plata Past President
U.S. House of Representatives

Diane Handrick Member at Large
WI Technical College District Boards Association

Representative Donna Rozar
Wisconsin State Legislature

Jelena Predaina
Wisconsin Department of Health

Sarah Spaeth
Waukesha County Board of Supervisors

Erin Smith
Wisconsin Department of Administration


  • Nominations Committee Chair: Audra Cohen-Plata
  • Scholarship Committee Chair: Jelena Predaina
  • Ad-Hoc Infrastructure and Communications Development Committee Chair: Audra Cohen-Plata
  • Communications Committee Chair: Allison Cramer; Vice-Chair: Sarah Spaeth
  • Development & Outreach Committee Chair: Diane Handrick
  • Programs & Professional Development Committee Chair: Richelle Andrae; Vice-Chair: Kate Easton
  • Gala Committee Co-Chair: Erin Smith; Co-Chair: Emily Petersen; Vice-Chair: Karley Downing

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